Acne Scar Cream

Acne Scar Cream

While it’s a relief when an acne breakout begins to clear up, the resulting scars can be crushing.

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Often the scars are short-lived and the redness eventually fades, but sometimes the scars run a bit deeper and can’t fade completely on their own. Regardless of their severity, acne scar creams can help minimize and even eradicate scars.

How Creams Work
Each treatment cream contains its own proprietary ingredients purported to diminish the scarring left behind by blemishes, but they all work by encouraging skin cell regeneration in the area of the scar tissue. Some creams may also contain a lightening product that fades dark scars and minimizes redness. Combined, these methods successfully reduce scar visibility and can eradicate some scars completely.

Treatment Cream Options
Mederma scar creams are one variety that has a good track record of minimizing acne scars. Their creams come in several varieties, including an original formula and an SPF sun protection formula. Sun protection is important even if acne isn’t a problem, but it becomes even more vital if you suffer from scars. The sun can make scars standout more since scar tissue doesn’t tan evenly.

Scar Cream Tips
To get the best results from an acne scar cream you must use it regularly and properly. Most creams only require once daily application, but refer to package inserts to verify the use recommendations by the treatment manufacturer.

Here are a few tips to help encourage successful treatment:

  • Only apply the cream to healed blemishes. Scar creams do not prevent scarring on open pimples and can actually irritate the outbreak. Beginning treatment immediately following healing can prevent a scar from forming, though.
  • Scar creams are also effective on old scars, but they may not get rid of older scars completely.
  • Rub the cream into the scarred area until it’s fully absorb. You only need a small amount of cream at each application.
  • Use the cream consistently. These treatments aren’t effective if you don’t use them daily until all signs of visible scarring are gone.


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