Anti Aging Skin Treatment With Facial Exercises

Anti Aging Skin Treatment With Facial Exercises

Wrinkles on the face is one of the first signs of aging. There is no need to use different chemical methods that sometimes have side effects to eliminate facial wrinkles.

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The one anti aging skin treatment that is simple and effective is doing facial exercises.

Facial exercises can make your face more bright, expressive and youthful. The movements of facial exercises also make stiff muscles become more flexible. Because the muscles are loosened, the face feels more flexible so that it can move more freely and can smile wider. Doing some light massage movements also helps the skin of your face remain taut. You may not necessarily see the effects immediately, but with perseverance and patience you will eventually get a satisfactory outcome.

Facial exercises do not have a standard rule. You can develop exercises yourself. The movement are done in an upright sitting position facing forward, so you can do them either at home or at the workplace. Examples of some facial exercise movements, among others:

1. Motion Eyes. Begin by blinking one eye and then hold. Repeat five times and then replace it with a wink of the other eye. After that, put two fingers on either side of the temple and press gently, opening and closing the eyes. Close your eyes and lift your eyebrows as high as possible. Wrinkle your forehead and lift the eyebrows as high as possible while keeping the eyes as wide as possible. 

2. Cheek Motions. With the lips shut, mimic a sucking motion so that cheeks shrink inward. Hold and repeat. Continue with your cheeks bulging like a balloon and blow out slowly for up to eight counts and repeat. For the next movement, make a smile as wide as possible without opening your mouth and hold this position for eight count. Repeat approximately five times.

3. Lip Motion. Shape your mouth like a kiss with the lips pursed. After that move your lips towards the left cheek. Hold, then release. Repeat several times then switch to the right cheek. Move your lips up toward the nose.

4. Remove wrinkles on the forehead. Pull the bottom of the forehead to the top with both hands to a count of ten. Move the skin of the forehead to the sides after each count, gently massaging the skin.

Develop these movements fit your needs. Do not forget to do them regularly if you want satisfactory results. Good luck!


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