Anti Redness Primer

Anti Redness Primer

Blotchy skin, acne scars and other irritation create an uneven, red skin tone. An anti redness primer covers up the red so blemishes blend in with your skin tone. The result is glowing, even skin that appears natural and healthy.

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How it Works

A primer is more than a cover-up. The best primers also target the cause of the irritation and help heal the skin. Most also contain elements that soothe the skin, which can cure the itchiness and irritation that often accompanies redness. The primer provides a protective barrier while the skin heals itself, while at the same time providing a temporary improvement to the look of your skin.

Selecting a Primer

Unlike other cover-ups, anti-redness formulas don’t come in various skin tone shades. Instead, they come in a shade of light or mint green. Some formulas may also have a hint of blue. The green shade cancels out the red in your skin, resulting in more even and natural coverage. When selecting a primer, read the label carefully. Some primers are made especially for sensitive or oily skin, while others are formulated to target and heal specific skin conditions.

Application Tips

A little goes a long way. Apply primer with your fingertips or a makeup application sponge. Dab it on lightly, blending it in with your skin. A thin application is all that’s needed to cover up most redness. For severe redness, apply a thin amount and wait two to three minutes before making a second light application.

My Top Choice

With all the anti-redness primers on the market, selecting the best one is a challenge. My personal choice is the Fusion Beauty Primeresults Primer. The simple to use pump ensures you use only the amount you need, while the formula quickly works to reduce redness. Some primers contain too much green, making them difficult to blend, but I haven’t found that to be the case with Primeresults.Related Products:


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