Best Eye Cream for Puffy Eyes

Best Eye Cream for Puffy Eyes

Puffy, tired eyes affects both men and women. Red, irritated puffiness makes you appear tired or ill, while dark circles combined with puffiness give you a raccoon-like appearance.

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Swollen eyes can become an ongoing problem, giving you an older, more tired appearance that impacts your self-esteem and the way others relate to you. Even the best eye cream for puffy eyes won’t help unless you determine the cause and choose the cream best-suited to your individual condition.

Fluid retention around the eyes is one of the primary causes of puffiness. Although puffy eyes can affect you at any age, it becomes more of a concern as you become older because the skin around the eyes becomes thinner. Thin skin paired with fluid retention makes the veins around the eyes more visible. This creates the black-eye look of extreme puffiness. Puffiness occurs most commonly in the morning since the fluid builds up beneath the eyes as you sleep. Sinus problems and allergies can exacerbate the problem and make the puffiness more obvious.

Anti-Aging Eye Creams
Eye creams targeted for anti-aging help smooth the wrinkles around the eyes, which can temporarily reduce puffiness caused by normal aging. Choose a cream that smooths wrinkles, hydrates the skin and also contains elements targeted at reducing swelling and fluid retention. A puffy eye cream formulated to only combat wrinkles may not reduce the puffiness. The best eye creams for puffy eyes that result from natural aging are combination creams that target all causes of the eye swelling.

Hydrating Eye Creams
Hydrating creams won’t affect the wrinkles around the eyes, but they do work to improve the circulation under the eyes. Improved circulation and hydration reduces fluid retention and swelling, resulting in smoother eyes and less puffiness. A hydrating cream will not reduce the appearance of dark circles unless it’s formulated specifically to do so. Read the label and ensure the cream targets the specific causes of your puffy eye symptoms.

Allergies and Sinus Issues
No eye cream on its own can eliminate eye puffiness caused by allergy and sinus problems. A cream is only a temporary fix and only an allergist or doctor can treat the root cause of the swelling. Select an eye cream that improves circulation and targets fluid retention. Although the cream won’t completely reduce the swelling around your eyes, it can help lessen the puffiness so the swelling doesn’t look as severe.

Choosing Creams
Not all creams on the market work as advertised. Look for those labeled as a proven formula. While this is no guarantee of the effectiveness of the cream, it does indicate that the formula has been tested by the manufacturer. Reviews can also help lead you to the best eye cream for puffy eyes. Create a list of your symptoms and suspected causes – including wrinkles, dark circles and fluid retention. Look for creams that target the specific items on your list. These eye creams are more likely to combat your puffy eyes and provide efficient relief, as opposed to choosing the first eye cream on the shelf.


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