Best Makeup Concealer

Best Makeup Concealer

Minor imperfections, under eye circles or a small blemish, can all ruin otherwise perfect skin. A good concealer can camouflage small problem areas without drawing attention to the flaw.

One of the best concealers is by Amazing Cosmetics:

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Using the best makeup concealer won’t fix your skin on its own, you must also apply it correctly so it blends into your natural skin tone.

Types of Concealers
The concealer comes as either a liquid or in a solid stick. Both types work well so the type chosen depends on personal preference, although the liquid type is simpler to blend. Concealers also come in many colors. Most come in shades designed to match your skin tone, making it vital to select the right shade. Other shades won’t match your skin tone, but they have a purpose. Green concealers cancel out redness, while white and yellow concealers work well to cover under eye circles. Depending on the brand, concealers may also be available formulated for your specific skin type, whether it’s oily, dry or sensitive.

Concealer Tips
A good concealer works only as well as it is applied. Like foundation makeup, it’s important to use concealer sparingly. Dot it onto the red or blemished area – after moisturizing but before applying foundation. Blend the dots into your skin with your fingertips or with a makeup sponge.

Most people require less foundation when they use concealer, primarily because the concealer takes over for foundation in the areas where it’s applied. Apply foundation lightly, to begin with, you can always add later, to avoid the caked on look. In many cases, you may be able to get away with a tinted moisturizer instead of a heavy foundation since the concealer has already done the hard work of covering imperfections.

Top Concealer Choice
One of the best-reviewed brands is Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer. While pricey, it comes in nearly every skin tone imaginable and a small tube can last a very long time. While I consider this one of the best makeup concealers, be aware it is heavier than other brands. This can pose a problem on dry skin as it tends to look cakey, but proper moisturizing can eliminate the issue.


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