Best Makeup for Oily Skin

Best Makeup for Oily Skin

Excessive skin oil often results in acne and pimples. Attempts to cover blemishes with makeup may backfire, since the oil causes makeup to look caked on or it slides right off. Selecting the best makeup for oily skin provides you with even, natural looking coverage and can also help minimize oil production and future acne breakouts.

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An optimum oily skin makeup should provide the following:

– Water-based formula. Many types of makeup use oil as a base, which only adds more unwanted oil to your skin. A quality product for oily skin always uses water as its base.

– Light coverage. Heavy makeups tend to clump on oily skin, resulting in an unattractive cakey look. Lighter coverage evens out skin tone, hides minor blemishes, but is sheer enough that it doesn’t clump or look unnatural.

– Doesn’t contain mica. Mineral based foundations are a favorite, but many contain mica. Mica clogs pores that produce too much oil. If you prefer mineral-based products, read the ingredients carefully and avoid those with mica.

– Provides oil-absorbing properties. Makeup formulated for oily skin usually contains elements meant to absorb the excess oil produced by your skin throughout the day so they can provide long lasting coverage.

– Doesn’t contain irritants. Fragrances and some common ingredients are known to irritate the skin, causing the pores to increase oil production. Makeup made especially for oily skin doesn’t contain any common irritants.

One of my favorite choices for oily skin is Clarins Truly Matte Foundation. It contains pigments that absorb the excess oil produced by your skin, resulting in smooth coverage that doesn’t cake or melt away during the day. Clarins also contains an SPF of 15, an important factor when you consider that even a light sunburn can cause pore blockage and increased acne from skin oil production. The product doesn’t clog pores nor does it leave behind a residue that can lead to blockage.

It’s vital to choose the right makeup. Makeup formulated for dry or combination skin is usually oil-based, as mentioned. These oils block pores. Blemishes usually occur when pores continue to produce too much oil, which becomes infected when the oil can’t escape through the blocked pores. Makeup formulated for the wrong skin type also doesn’t remain color true. The oil produced by your skin alters the pigments in these makeup blends, leading to an unnatural appearance when the color no longer matches your natural skin tone.

The best makeup for oily skin will leave your face radiant, not just for a few hours but all day. Best yet, it won’t cause irritation that makes you pay for today’s beauty with increased breakouts tomorrow. Read the label carefully and avoid high-moisture and oil-based formulas for the best results and coverage.


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