Best Makeup Foundation

Best Makeup Foundation

Foundation is the first step to a beautiful face. It provides the base upon which you apply all your other cosmetics, making it important to choose the best makeup foundation for your skin. The wrong foundation can look too heavy or leave that unnatural mask line around your jaw and neck.

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Keys of Good Foundation
The right foundation must match both your skin tone and your skin type. Dry skin benefits from an oil based foundation, while oily and combination skin are best served by water based formulas. Fragrances and harsh chemicals can also irritate sensitive or acne prone skin, making it best to avoid foundations that contain these elements.

The amount of coverage necessary also plays a factor in selecting the right foundation. If you prefer light coverage or a natural look, a sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer may be a better choice. For medium or maximum coverage that helps even out redness or camouflage blemishes, you need a heavier foundation that blends away these imperfections. It’s vital to choose a foundation that closely matches your skin tone. If you can’t find an exact match, select a color slightly lighter than your natural skin tone. Darker or excessively light cosmetics leave an obvious line where the foundation ends and your natural skin color resumes.

Application Tips
Foundation is only as good as its application. It’s vital to apply it correctly so it covers smoothly and looks natural. Dot the foundation onto your cheeks, chin, forehead and nose, then use a makeup sponge or your fingertips to smooth it on evenly. Feather it lightly beyond your jaw line and onto your neck so it blends evenly onto the uncovered skin in these areas. It’s best to apply foundation lightly – you will be applying all other cosmetics on top of this base so you don’t want to start off with a too-heavy application.

One of my favorite foundations is the Estee Lauder Double Wear line. As the best makeup foundation, it comes in over 20 shades which makes it easy to find a color match for your skin tone. The makeup goes on matte, so there is no unnecessary shine, and supplies a sheer natural look while still providing full coverage. Better yet, it stays on all day so there is no need to reapply it and it doesn’t cause your other cosmetics to bleed or fade.


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