Best Makeup Remover

Best Makeup Remover

Plain water and soap doesn’t remove the residue left behind by makeup. Leaving cosmetics on while you sleep or exercise can result in clogged pores, blemishes or dull skin.

Which is the Right Makeup Remover For You?

You must also remove old makeup completely before applying fresh, such as when transitioning from day to evening. Selecting the best makeup remover depends on your skin type, the type of cosmetics you are removing, and personal preference.

Makeup Remover Types
An all-purpose makeup remover works well on most cosmetics, including lipstick, foundation and eye makeup. If you wear heavy eye makeup or waterproof cosmetics, it may be necessary to use a remover formulated specifically for the eye area.

Remover also comes in oil or water based formulas. Oil based removers can leave a greasy residue on your skin. These are most commonly for use on the eye area because they work best at waterproof makeup removal. The eye area also tends to be dry and resistant to blemishes, so it can handle the oil in these removers. Water based formulas leave behind no residue and are best suited for most skin types.

Pads vs. Liquids
Removers also come packaged in two main ways. The standard is a liquid or cream remover. These are smoothed onto the face then either rinsed off with water or wiped off with a clean towel. Pad removers have the soft pads imbued with the remover. These works especially well for removing makeup from only specific areas of the face. For example, you can use a remover pad to take off old eye makeup without disturbing the rest of the cosmetics on your face.

Natural Removers
Natural or organic removers don’t contain harsh chemicals or fragrances than can irritate your skin. These removers may not work with all cosmetics and are usually formulated to work with the line of natural cosmetics that they are part of. Natural makeup removers are an excellent choice if you have sensitive skin that reacts to the normal chemical based cleansers.

Top Remover Choice
While many excellent removers are available, my choice for the best makeup remover is Clinique’s Take the Day Off line. The cleansing milk formula removes heavy eye makeup just as easily as it cleans away foundation, blush and lipstick. It can even cut through greasy sunscreen residue. The gentle formula is also well suited to most skin types and it doesn’t leave a residue on your skin.


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