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Quickly gaining in popularity, natural makeup choices range from those containing a few natural ingredients to fully organic beauty care lines. The best natural makeup contains an all-natural formula while providing light coverage for a natural look. The result is better looking skin that is also healthier and less prone to irritation and problems later.

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What is natural makeup?
While the term varies between cosmetics companies, it’s generally accepted that natural makeup doesn’t contain a lot of heavy chemicals or known skin irritants. Most natural makeups are instead made of naturally occurring elements, including plant extracts and minerals. The best cosmetics contain no synthetic ingredients at all and purely plant and mineral based.

Natural cosmetics are often without fragrance or only contain a naturally occurring fragrance, usually supplied by herbs such as lavender and chamomile. Many are also cruelty free products that do no testing on animals, making them an ethical choice as well.

Common Ingredients
The natural ingredients provide color, coverage and sometimes skin treatment. Berries, fruit and vegetable extracts, and some mineral ingredients provide color. Minerals are typically used for skin coverage while berry and fruit extracts are used for color tinting in blushes, lipsticks and eye makeup.

Ingredients also usually include those that improve the health of your skin. Organic oils and lanolin provide moisture to dry skin, while water-based formulas cut greasiness on oily skin. Flower essences, herbal extracts and minerals such as clay can also improve the cleanliness and health of your skin while providing just enough coverage to give you a healthy, natural look.

Top Natural Choice
While many natural makeup brands provide quality products that I like, my favorite is Physician’s Formula. The extensive line of guaranteed organic products makes it the clear choice for the best natural makeup. The Organic Wear line doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or synthetic colors and fragrances. It’s preservative free and only contains organic natural ingredients. It even comes in recyclable packaging.

The Organic Wear line contains all your makeup needs, a boon for those of us that don’t like to combine cosmetic brands. Foundation, blush, powder, concealer, lip gloss, eyeliner and shadow and mascara are all available. Physician’s Formula Organic Wear is a botanical line of makeup, as opposed to some of the mineral lines out there. Most natural cosmetics are either botanical or mineral based. If one type doesn’t provide the necessary coverage or irritates your skin, try the other type to see if it works better for you.


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