Best Tinted Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Best Tinted Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Oily skin and moisture may seem mutually exclusive, but all skin types benefit from the right type of moisturizer.

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Using the best tinted moisturizer for oily skin not only provides your skin with the necessary hydration, it also eliminates the need for foundation and make-up for evening out your skin tone. The less products you apply to your skin the better, since too many skin products can irritate your face and encourage further oil production.

Why Use a Tinted Moisturizer?
Tinted moisturizers combine a hydrating cream with a light tint. Most brands come in several shades so you can match the moisturizer to your skin tone. No other foundation is necessary, so the moisturizer gives a natural-looking appearance to your skin without the need for caked on make-up. Oily skin responds to irritation by producing more oil. This leads to acne and blotchiness. Even oily skin experiences irritating dryness. As it dries, it produces more oil. You reduce oily skin problems by minimizing the products you place on your skin and by providing hydration.

What Is in a Tinted Moisturizer?
Hydration is the primary aim of most tinted moisturizers. The best tinted moisturizers for oily skin contain a moisturizer that combats irritation so they don’t cause further oil production. The gentle moisturizer may also contain antioxidants to further enhance the health of your skin. The moisturizer may also contain SPF ingredients. These ingredients help protect your face from sun damage. Too much sun dries out your skin and encourages further oil production. The skin care companies are constantly uncovering new advancements in the treatment of oily skin, so a product that works well for you today can become even more effective when new formulas are released.

How Do You Use a Tinted Moisturizer?
One of the greatest benefits of a tinted moisturizer is its efficiency. Smooth on the moisturizer in the morning, add some mascara and lip gloss, and you’re ready to face the day. The light tint in the moisturizer effortlessly blends to your skin tone, leaving behind no make-up lines or uneven patches. There’s no need to use multiple foundations or cover-up sticks to hide your uneven skin tone, because the moisturizer handles it all in a single daily application. These moisturizers also require only minimal washing in the evening – there is no need for prolonged scrubbing or harsh make-up removal chemicals.

Choosing a Moisturizer
Choose moisturizers that:

– Go on sheer. Thick moisturizers that contain heavy tinting give your skin an unnatural coloration. These are also more prone to streaking or appearing caked-on.

– Contain a tint no more than one shade lighter or darker than your natural skin tone. Too dark or too light moisturizers look unnatural. Your facial skin won’t blend with the skin of your neck, so it appears as if you are wearing a mask.

– Contains no irritating ingredients. Irritants vary, even amongst people with oily skin. Retinol, a common ingredient in many oily skin moisturizers, reduces irritation in most people but can be too harsh if you have overly sensitive oily skin. Avoid moisturizers that contain ingredients that have caused irritation in the past.

When choosing the best tinted moisturizer for oily skin, read the labels carefully. Not all moisturizers work well with oily skin types, and of those that do not all will work well with your particular skin.


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