The causes of hair loss


What causes hair loss problems?

hair loss causes

The involuntary nervous system in our body adjusts our hair growth cycle and when our involuntary nerve system gets messed up, it has a direct effect on the hair loss. When people get too much stress, they start to use involuntary nerves more and give pressure to the nerves. This leads to nutrient efficiency and makes the hair fall out. But there is no known fact that is proved about the relationship between stress and hair loss. But in general, it is known that when you are stressed, it increases the chance of losing hair because the hair condition gets deteriorated. The problem is that most people are stressed from hair loss and from getting stressed; the hair loss will get worse.

Hair Loss Solution:

There is a lot of solution available for hair loss but the safest solution is to use of hair loss shampoo.

Hair Loss Causes

Androgen excretion after the puberty also causes hair loss and when girls have too much excretion androgen can also hair loss. For men, most hair loss is in the genetics. If the dad or the mom suffered from hair loss or have the genes that cause hair loss, most likely it will be passed onto the child. However, in controversy for women, even they had genes that cause hair loss it doesn’t really affect them.

People, who usually suffer from hair loss, have excessive sweating on the scalp and it gets hot very easily. The heat has a very big impact on hair loss. If you too much heat on your scalp, it could be because of stress but it’s always not the reason. When your scalp gets hot, it naturally starts sweating. The reason why hairs fall off is that when it gets too hot, it disturbs the circulation on your scalp and it makes the hair thin and weak. In fact, almost everyone who is suffering from hair loss has too much heat on the scalp and they have a stiff neck. Stiff neck disturbs the blood circulation flowing to the top of the head. This is caused when the balance in your body is broken.

When our scalp starts to sweat, it makes the scalp dirty and as the sweat starts to evaporate, the salt content is left and makes the hair more dry and unstable causing hair loss. Just the sweating itself is bad for your hair conditions but when you sweat, it also secretes a hormone called 5 a Reductase which speeds up the hair loss. Always wash your hair and clean out the wastes in your scalp and keep your hair fresh and clean.


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