Josie Maran Cosmetics Argan Oil

Josie Maran Cosmetics Argan Oil

In the pursuit of miracle serums for beauty, nothing is quite perfect. Yet Josie Maran Cosmetic’s argan oil comes close.

Formulated for the skin, it also works to condition you hair and split ends and helps heal cuticles. You can use it on your face and your body. But what is it exactly, and how does it work?

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Argan Oil – An Introduction

Argan oil is produced by the Argan tree, a native of Morocco. The green nuts produce a vitamin E-rich oil that is also filled with skin healthy fatty acids. Unlike other nut oils, argan oil isn’t greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin. This makes it a perfect choice for moisturizing and healing. The argan oil sold by Josie Maran is 100 percent organic and contains no fillers or chemicals. This means it only contains the rich oil and nothing to aggravate sensitive skin.

Vitamin E is well known as a healer of scars. Argan oil helps eliminate stretch marks if applied regularly. It can also diminish acne scars and add suppleness that helps erase fine lines and the signs of aging. Since it absorbs so quickly into the skin, it makes an excellent moisturizer beneath your makeup, or you can use it as a night time moisturizer treatment for dry skin. Rubbing it into you split ends tames frizzies and gives your hair a smooth shine. It can even combat dry scalp and flakes.

Pros and Cons
Customer reviews of Josie Maran Cosmetic’s argan oil are overwhelmingly positive. Even those that suffer from acne report that the oil doesn’t aggravate their skin or cause breakouts. The main issues with the product surround the packaging and application. The bottle tips easily, which can result in spillage of the entire bottle. The best tip to avoid this is to use the eyedropper included and place just a few drops in your hand before quickly rubbing it into your skin. Like all new skin products, you skin may need to acclimate to the argan oil. Use only a small amount until you are sure it won’t cause whiteheads or a breakout.


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