Mega Mushroom Skin Relief


Premature aging can make your youthful skin look old before its time. One of the first symptoms is uneven skin tone. As the skin ages, the pigments in your skin lose their even color.

Blotchiness, redness and dullness are the result. Topical treatments like the Mega Mushroom Skin Relief serum from Origins can help reverse the appearance of aging.

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How It Works

The serum contains Chaga Mushroom, Pleurotus Mushroom, Certified Organic Sea Buckthorn, Spike Moss and Mangifera Leaf Extract—ingredients proven to fight skin irritation. The primary cause of uneven skin pigmentation is inflammation, so applying a serum that fights this often gives satisfactory results. Other ingredients go a step further and help moisture the skin, soothing it and helping prevent future irritation and discoloration.

Does it Work?

Results become apparent as soon as the first application. Your skin feels smoother and looks more hydrated. Redness may begin to fade right away, if the irritation is occurring near the surface of the skin. Continued use results in better skin tone and texture over time as the serum begins to penetrate deeper into the skin. It won’t perfect your skin coloration overnight but it will begin delivering immediate improvement.

Benefits and Concerns

Unlike other Origins products, the facial serum has a slight medicinal smell. While not unpleasant, it isn’t fragrant and perfume-like. Another concern is the cost. Compared to similar serums, the Origins version cost more. Fortunately, a little goes a long way, which helps balance the expense. The success o the product helps offset any minor negatives.

Mega Mushroom Skin Relief contains no harsh abrasives, making it a suitable choice for sensitive skin types. It also doesn’t penetrate deeply into the pores, which prevents clogged pores on oily skin types. The serum is not a facial cleanser, but an anti-aging moisturizer and treatment. It won’t take the place of regular facial hygiene.


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