Murad Resurgence Reviews


Wrinkles, fine lines and dullness can prevent you from looking your best. Plenty of products claim to reverse the signs of aging but many just don’t deliver.

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In an ongoing search for anti-aging skin creams that live up to their promises, I came across many positive Murad Resurgence reviews.

Murad claims “30 days to younger looking skin.” Although a complete skin care line is offered, results are promised even if you only use the three core products – a cleanser, a treatment cream and a moisturizer. Other optional products that can further aid in reversing aging include eye cream and a daytime moisturizer that is sheer enough to wear under makeup.

Product Basics
Murad products work to reverse hormonal aging. The theory is that as our hormones begin to shift as we age, our skin suffers by developing wrinkles, sagging and losing its healthy glow. Murad Resurgence contains compounds that slow hormonal aging and work to reverse it, resulting in healthier looking skin. Murad products are aimed at menopausal and perimenopausal skin problems.

What Customers Think
Price is one reason to choose Murad. The products have an average cost compared to similar skin products, making them affordable. The simplicity of the program is another benefit, with only a daily three step process necessary to reap the rewards– wash, treat and cleanse. Another benefit, which seems lesser known, is that Murad products slow or eliminate facial hair growth, a common complaint during the hormonal changes associated with menopause. Murad does not test on animals, so you can use these products guilt-free.

Does It Work?
After checking what customers are saying, the results are positive. Most Murad Resurgence reviews claim the treatment plan works exceptionally well. Customers with sensitive skin seem especially pleased, with many reporting fewer blemishes in conjunction with the reduction of wrinkles.


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