Natural Skin Treatment With Milk Body Scrub


The benefits of milk are no longer in doubt. It’s no wonder many cosmetic products that are formulated milk are now very popular. Milk can be a natural ingredient for skin treatment. A natural skin treatment with milk body scrub is one option for using milk.

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Milk contains a natural beta hydroxide acid – a substance mixed to use as a scrub. This mixture not only serves as a peel that scrapes off dirt and dead skin cells, but it’s also able to brighten the skin so it looks more smooth and not as scaly. In addition, the protein content in milk is also useful as a supply of nutrients. These nutrients function at the same time, moisturizing the skin’s surface and making it more smooth and supple.

Before I give tips on how to use milk to make body scrubs, first you must know some things:

1. Make sure your skin is not experiencing any serious skin disorders. Check that there are no wet or open wounds. 

2. Combine the milk powder scrubs fresh every time you want to use it to minimize the risk of scrubs containing contaminated milk powder.

3. Milk scrubs can generally be used for all skin types, especially for dry and dull skin that tends to be scaly. It is recommended to use powdered milk or canned milk formulated with full cream to obtain the maximum moisturizing benefits.

Here are tips on how to use a milk scrub:

1. Dissolve your favorite herbal powder in a little water (you can also use an instant scrub or a whipped body scrub, as these generally contain water). 

2. Add a little lemon juice, dissolving until mixed well.

3. Add 2 tablespoons of milk powder to the solution, stirring until thickened.

4. Apply the solution evenly to the entire skin surface. Give extra attention to the joints, like the elbow which has folds of skin that are often overlooked.

5. Wait a moment and allow it to half-dry. Rub gently, doing a light massage with circular movements. Allow the scrub to dry until it begins to peel off on its own.

6. Clean the entire body with warm water and end with a moisturizer spread over the entire body.

Good luck!


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